5 Items In Your Home That Can Be “Smart”

 Now is the time of the future, and you can live in a smart home that responds to your voice commands and operates with a push of a button. Just check out this list to get started.



1. Thermostats

Thanks to new companies like Nest, even traditional thermostat makers have moved into the smart market. A smart thermostat can be controlled by your phone even when you’re at work. You can program it to turn on heat or air before you even arrive home so everything is comfy, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn down the heat when you leave in the morning says Jason Hope. With the tap of a button, you can save money no matter where you are.

2. Doors

From NFC-enabled locks to biometric security on your safes and closets to the Yale smart deadbolt, you never have to worry about losing a year again. And if your children have ever locked one another out of the house, you can easily solve that problem with a smart lock, too. The Yale smart lock is an example of one that allows you to set temporary codes with the use of the Nexia app, so your plumber or landlord can access your home when you’re not there, but you don’t have to worry about giving away your permanent password.

3. Light Bulbs

If you’ve had to buy a new light bulb in the past five years, you know that they look a heck of a lot different than they once did. However, you might not have realized how smart these things have become, and it’s a far cry from simple CF technology. The move to LED means you can use remote controls not just to turn on off or that lamp but to change hues, including those associated with regular white bulbs. Philips’ Hue bulbs are especially impressive because multiple bulbs can communicate with one another.

4. Doggy (Or Cat!) Doors

If your pet wears a special collar with either RFID or NFC radios, it can come and go freely, and you’ll never have to worry about the neighbor’s cat or, even worse, a raccoon sneaking in. The radios in your pet’s collar communicate with a specially-designed pet door. The door remains otherwise locked, so your home is secure from all unauthorized people and animals no matter their size.

5. Home Security

It makes sense for an alarm system to be smart. Why wouldn’t you want to secure your doors and windows from the work place or the car? With streaming camera tech, you can watch your home when you’re on vacation, and some apps even allow you to connect your baby monitor to the system. Systems from Canary and apps from companies such as Wink make everything easy, bur you might be surprise at the options your current security company offers when it’s time to upgrade.

Plus, efforts from Samsung and Google have resulted in Thread, a network that all your smart devices at home can finally use to work together in the smartest way possible.